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Vegetarian cuisine and food intolerances

A riot of colors in our kitchen

Vegetarian cuisine and attention to food intolerances

Many proposals based on vegetables to discover vegetarian cuisine together

At the Hotel Germania in Bibione we also want to offer our customers different solutions, improving ourselves and learning to enrich our menu.
For this reason, for all those who wish, we also offer vegetarian cuisine, preparing dishes that take into account everyone's eating habits, intolerances and allergies.

Do you follow a gluten-free diet?

For those who follow a gluten-free diet, eating away from home very often turns into a nightmare: the ingredients on the menus are not always specified, the waiters are not prepared to explain what the foods contain and one is forced to give up many foods.
At the hotel Germania, however, all this does not happen!
Although we are not certified with the AIC cuisine, we want to offer our guests dishes and foods for celiacs, especially for those with gluten intolerances.

Of course, we kindly ask you to inform us at the time of booking, so that we can organize ourselves and make your stay even more surprising.